The Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative (CQIC) shares a vision for our industry where quality is central to all decision-making to create a sustainable quality culture - a quality culture that supports the ambitions set out in the Scottish Construction Accord.

To support the vision, the CQIC is inviting businesses and organisations across the sector to commit to a Charter that is founded on key values:


Developing a sector that believes in continuous improvement, is willing to change and is ambitious for the industry


Working together to share knowledge, lessons learned and best practice


Taking pride in what we do, always doing our best, aiming for customer satisfaction and taking ownership and accountability when we get it wrong


Building an industry that is recognised for its honesty and integrity


Working across the industry to build professionalism, leadership, trust and self-respect
Every organisation or business that commits to the Charter is undertaking to embed the improvement of construction quality across their business activities to achieve a sustainable quality culture and to support and implement CQIC Vision.

The CQIC, a joint initiative by the public and construction sectors has collaborated to develop the CQIC Charter with four key drivers to help to deliver a sustainable quality culture.

Key Driver


01 / Quality control and assurance

Doing it right first time – at the right time
  • Processes are in place to ensure compliance and to prevent errors
  • Mechanisms are in place to detect and address any variations to agreed standards
  • Appropriate project resources are available for budget, programme, design, materials and skills

02 / Behaviour

Creating the conditions that embed a “right first time” culture
  • Leadership demonstrate a commitment to delivering the CQIC vision and values at all times
  • All personnel are engaged and committed to creating a positive working environment with the right conditions for realising change

03 / Alignment

All parts of the process are designed and implemented to drive quality, improve performance and deliver compliance 

  • Leadership support initiatives that are designed to align policy and guidance across the sector
  • Project delivery systems, including procurement, are aligned to drive quality
  • Everyone has access to the right information at the right time

04 / Competence, Roles & Responsibilities

Ensuring that everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities and is competent to deliver them
  • Appropriate project leadership and management is in place
  • Culture encourages everyone to accept responsibility for delivering quality
  • Everyone has the right skills, experience, and qualifications to do a quality job
  • We are all committed to developing people