Approach to Campaign Development

The CQIC brought together a wide range of representatives from the public sector (client side) and the construction sector (supply side) to explore what needs to be done to improve construction quality. The work was largely catalysed by safety incidents at the Edinburgh School project and Grenfell. Groups were involved through a series of workshops which were led by the Leading Improvement Team from Scottish Government.

An overall mission was identified as a need ‘To Create a Sustainable Quality Culture Across Construction’.

And to achieve this, four key drivers, or primary areas of focus, were established, as follows:

  • Quality Control and Assurance

To do it right (right decisions). To do it right first time. To do it at the right time.

  • Behaviours

To create the conditions that embed a positive ‘right first time’ culture.

  • Alignment

All parts of the process are designed and implemented to contribute to quality and compliance.

  • Competence, Roles, and Responsibilities

All contributors are clear about their roles and responsibilities and are competent to deliver them.

These areas were developed further, and a list of prioritised change activities identified to create an action plan. The implementation of the action plan has been underway for some time, and although interrupted by the impact of the pandemic, is making progress.

Two key deliverables under the action plan are a new Construction Quality Improvement Charter, and the development of this website.

Participants involved in the campaign have stated that the cultural platform needs to be underpinned by a set of values. The following set of values have been developed by the participants.

  • Respect

Trust, self-respect, professionalism

  • Collaboration

No blame, willingness to share knowledge

  • Openness

Honesty and integrity

  • Commitment

Ownership, doing the best, pride in the job, willingness to change, customer satisfaction

  • Ambition

Belief in continuous improvement and ambitious for change in the industry.