Countesswells Primary School – Quality Case Study


Projects which are handed over 3 weeks ahead of the contractual completion date, and with zero snags on the snagging list, are the exception rather than the rule. However, this level of success can be achieved as was demonstrated by the Countesswells Primary School, which was handed over to Aberdeen City Council by hub North Scotland and contractor Morrison Construction in March 2023.

The Countesswells Primary School project is a 2-stream primary school (434 pupils) with additional nursery accommodation for up to 60 pupils including sports hall, car parking and an all-weather synthetic pitch which was built on a greenfield serviced site within the expanding residential zone of Countesswells, on the western boundary of Aberdeen City.

How did the project achieve the success that it did? hubNS undertook a review of the measures the project team put in place to achieve this standard so that these can be incorporated in the development of future projects. However, in striving for continuous improvement, the report not only covers the approaches that led to the success that the project undoubtedly was, but also identifies what can be improved.

The report is available here – Countesswells Primary School – Project Success and Quality Appraisal