Consultation Launched on Building Warrant Fees


One of the related initiatives to CQIC is the work being done by Scottish Government’s Building Standards Division (BSD) on the building standards system. No construction project can claim to be to the required quality if it does not comply with building standards. We are pleased to be supporting BSD as they develop the new Compliance Plan Approach which will support the proactive management of the delivery of construction quality.

One of the aspects that BSD are considering is the fees for delivery of the building standards system. They have issued a consultation which seeks to obtain the views on proposed increases to the building warrant fees required to deliver change to strengthen the building standards system and the development of a new building warrant fees model in Scotland.

This consultation forms part of the work undertaken by the Verification Delivery Model work stream which is one of the seven work streams being directed by the Building Standards Futures Board.

The consultation will gather views and opinions from a range of stakeholders, construction sector organisations and businesses, and the general public on increases to the building warrant fees in Scotland.

The increase in fees will be used to facilitate the strengthening and improvement of service delivery within the building standards system in Scotland brought about through the changes developed and shaped by the Futures Board’s 7 work streams.

Below is the link to the consultation on the proposed changes to building warrant fees to support the strengthening of the building standards system. BSD invite you to give your views and opinions and to bring this consultation to the attention of others who may have an interest. This consultation will run from the 21st July to the 24th October 2023.

Consultation Link: Building Warrant Fees: consultation – Scottish Government – Citizen Space