Public sector construction in Scotland is changing with the Scottish public sector and construction sector working together to deliver better buildings, better ways of working and minimise the impact of construction on the environment.

This dynamic new approach is set out in the Scottish Construction Accord (published in October 2022) which aims to bring the public sector and construction sector  together to address key issues such as :

  • improving construction procurement
  • improving construction quality
  • increasing workforce skills and diversity
  • expanding the use of digital technology within construction firms
  • ensuring we have fair work conditions and resilient supply chains in Scotland
  • working towards net zero

Construction is an important component of the Scottish economy, and the public sector plays a key role in its health and sustainability.

The Scottish Construction Accord is a significant moment   and is a direct response to recommendations outlined in the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland  Report (July 2020) which proposed the development of an accord between the construction sector  and the Scottish public sector.

Now, with the Scottish Construction Accord in place, the Construction Quality Improvement Collaborative (CQIC) is ready to step forward to create a focus on delivering a sustainable quality culture fit for a safety-critical industry as a priority work area.

If you’re involved in construction, CQIC is here to provide support. Together we can create a place for collaboration and sharing knowledge and ideas. A place where you can access key reports and publications, find out about relevant events and, importantly, demonstrate that you are making a commitment to improve.

We will always welcome your input and feedback so we can all improve.