Organisation Charter Assessment Template

The Construction Quality Charter, which is at the heart of the CQIC campaign, sets out the vision of the CQIC, the key values upon which the Charter is founded and four key drivers which were developed to help to deliver a sustainable quality culture –

  1. Quality control and assurance
  2. Behaviour
  3. Alignment
  4. Competence, Roles & Responsibilities

These drivers are under-pinned by a series of commitments which organisations that commit to the Charter are undertaking to embrace and fulfil. Committing to the Charter is relatively simple – the benefits to the individual organisation, and the sector as a whole, will come from the actions that are taken to embed the commitments into the culture of quality within that organisation. If we are to have a quality culture, then ticking a box by committing to the Charter is not enough. We all need to genuinely and consciously take action to fulfil the commitments.

To assist organisations to assess and express how they are fulfilling the commitments, a template form is available here – CQIC Charter Assessment Template

We would encourage all organisations that share the vision of the CQIC of an industry where quality is central to all decision making, who support us on our mission to create a sustainable quality culture and who have committed to the Charter, to use the template to review and articulate how they are going about fulfilling the commitments they have made. This will allow them to decide if there are gaps in their approach which they need to consider. This is an assessment which is for the benefit of the organisation completing it and will stay within the organisation – it is not something that CQIC are asking to see.