Scottish Futures Trust CEO calls for Quality ‘Revolution’


The chief executive of Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) is calling for a quality ‘revolution’ within the construction industry similar to that seen around health and safety in recent decades.

Peter Reekie told Project Scotland that if the sector starts to focus on the quality of construction in the same way it now thinks of health and safety, the result will be environmental, sustainability, profitability, and mental health gains.

“I think the biggest change in health and safety was cultural rather than rules-based and the biggest change in quality needs to be cultural rather than rules-based,” he explained.

“Arguably we’ve had too much of a focus over the last 20 years on saying, ‘I’ve got a quality management system, I must be delivering quality’, and it turns out you need more than a quality management system to deliver quality. You need competence and you need the right culture.

Mr Reekie is co-chair of the Board for the Transformation Action Plan (TAP) which underpins the Scottish Construction Accord. The CQIC is the workstream of the TAP to create a sustainable quality culture and behaviours.

Iain Kent, Commercial Director at Morgan Sindall, who is co-chair of the CQIC Working Group, said, “we warmly welcome the support of Peter Reekie for our campaign on construction quality. We totally agree that good processes and procedures only take you so far. For them always to be effectively implemented you need a quality culture. It is that culture that CQIC are working to establish.”

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