Survey On Use Of Contractor Design Portion (CDP)


Over the last 25-30 years there has been an increasing tendency to use Contractor Design Portion (CDP) for construction projects where a range of specialist sub-contractors are required to contribute towards the overall design and construction of major buildings.

However, many working in the construction sector believe the CDP system is being used inappropriately and too late in the process. It is also believed that poor communication and a lack of coordination of details between the design team and the sub-contractors is common place.

Across the various Scotland-wide forums CQIC have held about the challenges in delivering  construction quality on projects, CDP was a recurring theme in the discussions. An industry-wide survey has today (29 February 2024) been launched to find out how Contractor Design Portion (CDP) can impact more positively on construction quality.

Iain Kent, Commercial Director at Morgan Sindall Construction and co-chair of CQIC said, “This survey seeks to find out how the approach is currently used and what needs to change to improve the CDP process. The survey is a chance for everyone working in the sector to have their say on how the system can be improved and to help shape future guidance to inform best practice.

The survey information will be analysed and will allow the development of guidance that will support the sector to use CDP in a manner that will contribute to the construction quality outcomes we are all striving for.

We would urge all those involved in the sector to take the time to contribute to this important piece of research which will bring benefits to us all.”

The survey has now closed and we’re extremely grateful to all those that participated. We’ll be providing details on this website on the outcome of the survey and the next steps.