Delivering Construction Quality on School Projects


Steven Anderson, Associate Director at Scottish Futures Trust, and a manager in the LEIP programme team says:

“The Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP) is putting construction quality at the heart of the delivery of school projects in Scotland.”

LEIP is a programme which is jointly funded by Scottish Government and Local Government and is designed to:

  • Improve the condition of the school estate
  • Support growth projects where there are no local condition priorities
  • Establish links across the learner journey where appropriate
  • Enable the delivery of wider SG policy objectives, including the guiding principles of the Learning Estate Strategy; and
  • Support sustainable estate planning with clear investment and maintenance strategies

More details about the LEIP programme are available here

In recognition of the importance of achieving construction quality, a condition of LEIP funding from Scottish Government is that local authorities must have a project Quality Plan. The local authority has a key part to play in showing leadership, setting up for success and making its own contribution to achieving the required quality at all stages of the process.

The purpose of the Clients’ Quality Plan is to articulate how construction quality will be pro-actively managed at all stages and make it clear to all those engaged in the project before it starts on the approach to cost, programme and the delivery of quality. This can then be used to measure progress against the Plan as the project develops.