A New British Standard – BS99001:2022

In recognition of the particular aspects of managing quality in the delivery of construction projects, BSI has developed a new standard – BS99001:2022 – which enhances the approach to quality in ISO 9001 and makes it specific to quality in the built environment. This was published on 31 July 2022.

Whilst the fundamentals of BS9001 remain the same, BS99001 uses the language and terminology of the construction sector to make the quality process more focused and relevant to construction projects.

Steffan Speer, Technical Director at Morgan Sindall, was a member of the working group that developed BS99001:2022.

BS99001 – Built Environment Quality Management

Steffan Speer, Technical Director at Morgan Sindall writes –

The existing ISO9001 standard is a generic model which provides a standard framework for quality management systems across all industries. It was felt by the built environment sector that it did not provide an appropriate challenge to achieving the quality standards required within the construction industry.

The construction industry was desirous of enhancing the Quality Management Standard ISO9001 to support organisations operating in the built environment achieve their objectives including Building Safety and focussing on improving quality throughout the industry. As a result, the industry in conjunction with BSI developed a new standard referenced BS99001.

The new standard is specific to the construction sector and recognises challenges that the built environment is facing such as Building Safety, Golden Thread and Digital Records, Competence, Assurance, Modern Methods of Construction and achieving Net Zero. The BS99001 also provides a more robust and consistent approach to the implementation and application of ISO9001 across the industry and provides a level of guidance and links to other associated standards to help achieve the objectives across the industry. It is applicable to all types of organisations that operate in the industry.

Importantly the BS99001 also recognises that the industry frequently operates on a project-by-project basis and as a result unique projects can adopt the BS99001 standard as a standalone model.

Through the adoption and implementation of the BS99001 standard it can demonstrate a commitment to providing a high level of quality assurance on our projects and build confidence in the industry.

BSI Group, who published BS99001:2022, have a Guide to the standard. It is available through this link here.

They have also published an infographic of the benefits of the standard. It is available through this link here. Please note, BSI require that a form is completed to access the infographic.


A link to the BS99001 standard is here: BS 99001:2022 | 31 Jul 2022 | BSI Knowledge (bsigroup.com)


In addition, a PD99001 was developed which combines all existing standard clauses from ISO9001 along with the additional clauses of BS99001 which helps with the understanding of the requirements. Information is available here – PD 99001:2022 | 31 Jul 2022 | BSI Knowledge (bsigroup.com)