Contractor Site Guidance


Alasdair Burt, Head of Support Services at George Leslie Ltd, and member of the CQIC Steering Group says:

“All too often contractors provide clients with a project Quality Plan which states that they have a quality culture but provide no details as to how such a culture will manifest itself. And Quality Plans which solely focus on how the works will be snagged and the snags remedied are far from unusual. Another common feature is a Quality Plan with information to tick the box of quality standard ISO9001:2015.

An effective Quality Plan for managing work on site should provide detail as to the approaches the contractor will adopt to pro-actively work to get the work right in the first place. This will bring benefits to all those involved in the project.”

Guidance to assist with preparing quality plans for works on site have been developed as an activity of CQIC.  It has been prepared as a guide for Contractors on methods and best practice processes to manage the delivery of quality during the construction and handover period of a construction contract. The guide aims to highlight key processes and tools that could assist Contractors prepare, monitor, control, and evidence the delivery of quality on construction projects, refurbishment, or new build, irrespective of size, location, or complexity.

The guidance developed by a working group of the CQIC is available here – Site Guidance