DG One

Professor John Cole is well known in the construction sector for the report on his independent inquiry into the construction of Edinburgh Schools. He also led an inquiry into the project at DG One, which is a new leisure centre project for Dumfries & Galloway Council, in Dumfries.

A copy of the April 2018 report of this inquiry can be accessed here DG One Report.

On this project there were several issues with construction delivery, which resulted in the building closing until the work was remediated at significant cost.

The 34 individual recommendations in the report which cover a range of delivery matters are listed under the following eleven headings.

  1. Internal Structures and Resources for The Development of Capital Projects by The Council
  2. The Protection of The Quality of Design of Council Projects
  3. The Production of Comprehensive Business Cases for Projects
  4. Clarification of the Level of Decisions in Relation to the Development of Projects that should be referred to Committees of Council
  5. The Administration of Contracts during the On-Site Execution of Capital Projects
  6. The Council’s Relationship with the Design Team
  7. The Role of Building Standards
  8. Ensuring the Appropriate Funding and Quality of the Maintenance of Council Projects
  9. Compliance with European Regulations and the Preparation of Pre-Tender Estimates
  10. Learning from Construction Problems Experienced on the DG One Building
  11. The Accounts Commission Report on Major Capital Investment in Council